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I am Professor A.Ramachandran, welcoming you here. I am a Post-Graduate in Statistics and I have been teaching Mathematical Statistics, Operations Research, Numerical Methods and Engineering mathematics for nearly 50 years. I have taught in different Colleges affiliated to different Universities in India. I was also the Chairman of Board of Examiners in Statistics of the Madras University for more than 10 years. :

Here, I welcome all those who are interested in undergoing course modules in Statistics and related subjects. To begin with, i have proposed two modules in Probability and Probability Distributions and two modules in Statistical Quality Control. later, I will be coming up with course modules on Operations Research, Numerical methods, Applied Engineering Mathematics, Applied Engineering Statistics, Communication Skill etc.

To avail the courses offered, you are required to register yourself and indicate the course modules you are interested in. Any module, you can try free for 5 days and after that you will be charged the full course fee as indicated at the time of registration. Once the course fee is received, you will be granted access to lessons in that module. Wish you a successful journey in learning Statistics through this website.


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